Tempo exists to create an inspiring environment for all types of Nashvillians. We focus on specialty coffee drinks, Tex-Mex breakfast foods, and utilizing our venue space for creative events. We exclusively use Greenway Coffee, a coffee roaster from Houston, TX, in our coffee and espresso beverages. Tempo was founded by musician, Javier Solis, and his family. Timing has been an important part of Solis’ life, being that he began his career in Nashville as a percussionist in the 90’s. This is where the name comes from. See you at Tempo.


Take your time.


Javier Solis

~ Originally from the South Side of San Antonio, TX.

~ Moved to Nashville in 1998.

~ Professional musician.

~ Really great dad.

~ Enjoys alarming amounts of Topo Chico.

~ Has a scar of his forehead from a chocolate milk accident as a child.

~ Stands 6’3 ft tall.


Yvonne Damaris Solis


Uriah & Zylah


~ Originally from the West Side of San Antonio, TX.

~ Moved to Nashville in 1998.

~ Grew up traveling in Silver Eagle bus and singing with her family.

~ Really great mother.

~ Loves rollerskating.

~ Enjoys open windows.

~ Stands 4’11 ft short (yet more frightening than husband).


~ Brother and sister.

~ Often mistaken for twins.

~ Both are fans of music, fashion, and pets.